Say Goodbye to Complex Formulas, Macros & VBA in Excel!

Automate data wrangling and testing effortlessly using drag & drop. Sign up now for early access and let us tailor OutdoData to your unique needs. Share your use case or data problem with us, and be among the first to experience its power upon launch!

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Designed for Excel Users, Perfected for You

Excel is your trusted companion for data tasks, and OutdoData is here to take it to the next level. Whether you're an Excel novice or an advanced user, our desktop application enhances your experience and reliability by seamlessly integrating with csv/xlsx files.

Build Your Workflow, Your Way

With OutdoData, effortlessly create and customize workflows with ease. No coding knowledge required - just provide your requirements and save your workflows for maximum data management efficiency.

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Your Data, Your Security

We value your privacy and the security of your data above all else. With OutdoData, your data never leaves your computer as data processing occurs directly on your computer. No worries about security breaches or unauthorized access.

Unleash Insights with Ease

OutdoData is more than just an automation tool. Explore your CSV or Excel files effortlessly with our user-friendly GUI. Make informed decisions and discover patterns with ease.

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  • Difficult to manage automation tasks when the formulas, macros, & VBA code becomes complex.
  • VBA and complex formulas have a steep learning curve. Mastering/Maintaining these tools takes time and effort.
  • Compatibility issues can arise between different Excel versions and settings. VBA code that function flawlessly on one system may not work properly on another.
  • Macros and VBA code can potentially be exploited for malicious purposes, so some organizations restrict or disable them.


  • Simplify data wrangling and testing by drag and drop.
  • Easily create workflows without the need for coding.
  • Flawless integration with CSV/Excel files, effortlessly managing the processing of millions of records.
  • Data privacy - all data processing happens on your computer.
  • Intuitive GUI for a delightful data exploration experience.

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to try our powerful data automation tool when it launches. Whether you have a specific use case or a data problem you'd like to solve, share it with us, and we'll tailor OutdoData to address your unique needs.